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The thematic area gives a brief information about some of the topics that are related to the activities of 4S:

Functional Safety of Road Vehicles

At the end of 2011, the ISO 26262 standard - which is an adaptation of  IEC 61508 - was published as IS (International Standard) and therefore establishes a reference for the Functional Safety of electric/electronic (E/E) systems of road vehicles, covering the whole product lifecycle.

The standard is based on state-of-the-art methodologies and, in fact it is already being applied by major car makers and tier-1 component suppliers in order to protect Product Liability.

Therefore, it is necessary that all automotive companies involved in safety relevant E/E systems rapidly apply the Functional Safety methodologies and, to this end, increase their knowledge on this matter, acquire suitable test equipment and adapt their company organization.

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Test Techniques for Functional Safety Validation of E/E Systems

ISO 26262 prescribes for experimental validation of the E/E vehicle systems that shall meet safety requirements.

The necessary tests are usually very complex and numerous, so to cover the corresponding operational conditions and failure events. Experimentation time duration is consequently long and the test activities are expensive, due either to the high number of tests and the big amount of data to be analyzed, and to each test preparation and execution, and to the necessary equipment procurement and setting-up.

Some experimental techniques are under study and development, so to make easy testing activities from preparation to data analysis.