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The Electric/Electronic Architectures are fundamental for vehicles

Vehicles are more and more based on electric and electronic (E/E) systems which are functionally integrated. The  E/E architectures are therefore crucial to achieve performance and functional safety requirements and cost targets.

Who is the customer

Any company in the transport sector that either develops, produces or integrates on-board E/E systems.


4S provides the following services to support your Company:

Application Support
Project Management
Performance Assessment
Testing Management

The approach is a co-operation with your Company, possibly based on 4S experts collocated at the Company premises, assisting your technicians to maximize the know-how transfer to your Company for long term added value.

The support areas include advanced applications, like:

  • electric, hybrid and fuel cell propulsion systems
  • on-board control systems
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Application support

The 4S support covers the following tasks:

  • Functional system identification and analysis
  • Physical and logical partitioning
  • Specifications for each subsystem
  • Networking, including advanced communication systems (e.g. Flexray)
  • Definition of subsystems architectures.

The applications will be developed in compliance to specific custom or standard requirements such as Functional Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, environmental conditions, etc.

Performance assessment

Performance assessment is a complete evaluation of the processes and the activities performed to develop the architecture. This assessment is aimed to assure that all requirements are met.

Project management

4S can assist you to define and manage a complete project to cover all the activities required during the E/E architecture development.

Testing Management

4S can help your Company to define effective and optimized test plans required for the verification and the validation of the E/E developed architectures. Moreover, 4S can provide test equipment (see below).


4S offers test equipment and software tools specifically designed to meet the validation requirements of E/E architectures and systems. This equipment can be customized to also perform complex and time consuming tests on the base of test plans, which are easily scheduled and executed with proprietary user-friendly software programs.